Monday, May 14, 2007


I can't really remember when I first heard the term Wabi Sabi. Probably, it was during my college years, but it may have been later. It was definitely not as an art term that I learnt it (although, I did learn at the time that it was an art term!) but as a philosophical way of being. A Buddhist weltgeist , if you will.

Immediately, I took it as my own. Perfectly imperfect? Hell Yeah! I think it was around that time that Lexus was running their "Pursuit of Perfection" ads, which I also always identified with.

Anyhow. Many years later, on May 14th, 2006, my son Remy was born. At home. In a very Wabi Sabi turn of events, the birth -- while beautiful and empowering beyond words -- was a great deal more difficult (and painful) than I was expecting, and I was caught off guard by how my unconscious fears (of back labor, and pain) caused that difficulty.

And thus begins my journey into motherhood... a delightfully imperfect pursuit of perfection, wabi sabi style.

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