Wednesday, April 23, 2008

As you're nearing two...

My darling boy, I can't believe you're going to be two so soon!

Big changes in your life, this past year: you're talking and walking and jumping and eating a lot more solid food!

You're still very much a "boobie baby," loving the mama's milk and not showing many signs of slowing down (unlike your wabi-sabi-sister, Molly). You have gone longer between nursings, but that's still a few hours instead of a day!

You are, however, getting closer to your daddy, and that makes mommy so happy! Waving goodbye and giving you a bighug and kiss as you cheerfully walk out the door with your dad makes me proud -- it is the biggest sign to me that you're growing up.

I am looking forward to your potty learning, though. I could be done with washing diapers tomorrow and be a very happy woman!


Heidi said...

I cannot believe these littles are so big! I'm finding that "almost two" is a happy, excited time, while "almost one" was really bitterweet for me:)

Wish we could celebrate together!

Lexie said...

I wish so too, very much :D