Thursday, April 3, 2008

The cracks of our cracks....

Apparently there is a divide that I did not know about, between "ass" and "butt." I am not entirely sure why, but according to this video clip, "ass is not a nice word" and one should "say 'kick their butt' instead."

I guess I am not so naive as to think that in this day and age, we could all just agree that words are not, in and of themselves "bad" or "good" (although I would like it if we could!) but when did that line, the one between "ass" and "butt" crop up?

Wouldn't you have thought "butt" was the dirtier word?

I guess when I teach my kid to say "Kick their asses" (which I will, regardless of the grammatical problem with using the plural "their" as a placeholder for "his or her" -- their is just easier to say) I'll be getting flack from the other mommies.

C'est la ass kicking vie!


Heidi said...


I told you Molly's first "cuss" word happened last week, yes? Was "shit."

Where I grew up, ass is a cuss word, and butt is not. Ass is like damn, though- low on the rating scale of badness.

Loving language in all its varietal forms, I refuse to teach Molly that any words are inherently bad. Excepting racial slurs, which I Will. Not. Tolerate. I plan to frame the discussion as "Please do not use the grown-up word [fuck, shit, asshole] around your Papaw because his Mormon heart cannot take it and he will kick your mama's hippy ass."

LOL. Fun post:)

Lexie said...

Yeah, ditto.

I told you (in that post?) that Remy has probably been saying "shit" for awhile, yes? I can't tell b/c of the slurring of the end, but I'm pretty sure. I don't make a big deal out of it, it is just a word.