Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's been two weeks (three?) since my last post...

I feel like I should make confession or something! (I'm Jewish, in case you haven't noticed, but still...)

What can I say, the weeks have just flown by. I saw a mama friend from LLL this evening and her son -- who was so teeny tiny when we met, is now so big! It was shocking... I realized I hadn't seen her in a month, already!

What's keeping me so busy? Life. With. Toddler.

For all that I love my son (and oh. I. do.), I realize keenly how much busier I am now that he is here and so so so so so active! And then when we're not busy, we are chilling, toddler style, which means no computer (or if there's a computer, Elmo is definitely involved, which limits mommy's brain power/ laptop usage to checking email and keeping up with my LJ).

Plus, the second year molars (which are almost all in, Thank G-d!) have been keeping him from either sleeping well at night or taking naps. We're doing OK, but I just have to keep the important stuff in mind: staying afloat and making sure my life isn't revolving around the 'nets. That I get some me time that doesn't include typing. (hahahahahahaha)

Next week, we're traveling again. This time for six weeks -- 3 without my husband :(((( . I'm not sure I'm ready.

And yet, I will be.

That, my friends, is the essence of my life. And it is good.

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