Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Words and Music, Communicaton"

in this warm moment
there is only us
i am curled around you
as if you are a small turtle
and i am your shell


you sang your first song tonight,
our lullaby became a
little melody sung
in the round, you
making soft words
into a rolling chant
sohn, sohn, sohn,
dee, dee, dee
sonnez les matinas,
sonnez les matinas,
dee, dee, dee

Her language has just exploded into being. At the beach she seemed to make a quantum leap. She learned "my turn" and "moh-monst" for monster, started making sentences. Tonight while I worked on my art, she was at the grandies' saying "Home. Take. Take me." When I picked her up she said "Go home. Bye! Mama, home."

On the drive down south, she insisted on sitting on the potty on her own. "Potty! Own! Peepee!" She didn't pee, but sat two times for several minutes. She also immediately removed a poop diaper (first thing in the morning, pre-coffee) along with her pajama bottoms and announced the poop. Exciting happenings.

The post title's from a Mother Love Bone song I haven't thought of in ages.

And on her arrival I will set free the birds
It's a pretty time of year
when the mountains sing out loud.

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