Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blogger FAIL!

Here we have a beautiful, awesome blog. And two mamas who are totally into the idea of imperfect parenting... and then there is me, who is just TOTAL FAIL when it comes to maintaining more than one blog. (I also let my son's blog go to seed...)

January resolution: I am going to reaffirm my commitment to this blog. I shall post at least once a week. I shall fail and bounce back!

This week's imperfection: I could not let my husband handle one night on his own. For fuck's sake! I have been the go-to night parent for so fucking long, and I couldn't just try to see if my husband could handle one night? I am afraid of becoming my mother, afraid of abandoning my child, afraid of being abandoned all over again...

My triumph is that I am considering going away for a weekend by myself. I haven't committed to it (we're still maybe going as a family) but I think that going on my own would be a Very Good Thing. Totally wabi sabi because I will be terrified at the huge change, but... I need it. And Rems could use a lot more daddy time.


heidi: two serpents fine art said...

Oo. Resurrection! You has raised Zombie Mommy Blog From teh Ded!

This zombie mama shall come along for the ride: I'm In, Yes We Can, & So Forth.

Lexie said...

Zombie Mommy Blog would be a good blog title :D (Thas how I feel today, how 'bout you?)

Let's DO this thing!