Saturday, February 7, 2009

Always, with the sickness!

I wish life came with a button I could press and everything would just stop for a minute or two. Or fifteen. So I could pee, or get a sandwich or maybe just cough my fucking lungs out.

Being sick sucks.

What does this have to do with motherhood? Everything. Cause when you cough at night so hard you make the walls shake, you wake the (also sick) toddler. Who then wants his most comforting comfort: mama's milk. Which you would want to, if you could have something that warm and satisfying when your chest feels like a pile of cold dog shit that's been stepped in by fifteen different people and dragged all around the block.

But the mama who provides said milk also feels like said shit, so...

"Life is pain, princess. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something."
~ The Princess Bride

1 comment:

ellen said...

oh a remote w a pause button would be *so* divine. heh - i would probably overuse it though!