Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why I really nurse my toddler

Here is a conversation from earlier this evening with another nursing mama:

Me: So, is MK still nursing?

Other mama: Yeah, just at night though.

Me: Aww... awesome! *proceeds to tell long story about nursing Molly in public*

Other mama: Yeah... they'll just pull your shirt right off, huh? It's annoying. I hate that part... it's different with toddlers, I mean... I see why people are annoyed about it. It is a little bit different than an infant, when it's their only source of nutrition.

Me: Yeah, but sometimes it's their only source of Shut The Fuck Up;)

(I do feel compelled to note, and hopefully it's painfully obvious, that actually telling my baby to STFU is not something I do. Because I have the boobs.)


T said...

Boy do I ever remember those days. My youngest nursed until she was two - nothing shut her up quicker. I would get annoyed looks but would they rather see that or listen to her throw a fit? Sheesh.

Heidi said...

That's my theory. Of course my friend did bring up the point that toddlers are just physically harder to manage- we nursed in a crowded movie theater with Molly's legs thrown way up by my face and I was sure she was going to kick the woman seated next to me in the face. She managed to avoid it, though, and was probably the quietest toddler in the place:)

half pint pixie said...

I read this yesterday while tag surfing and thought of you today while my 16 month old had a little meltdown on the bus. As I plugged her in for a feed and she started to snooze, myself and hubby had a good belly laugh as I told him the boobs are her official source of Shut the Fuck Up, thanks for the laugh :)