Sunday, March 16, 2008

Notes from the new Now

My little orange Be Here Now Bracelet, as it's been dubbed, was like my little Dumbo feather "teaching" me to fly. I adore Dumbo. Goofy little dude so precious, and the whole elephant love thing. Yeah.) Bu got in the habit of snapping it like a middle school boy crush tweaking a bra strap when I started to spaz out. It was cute and brought me back to the moment. Alas, the little bracelet met its inevitable demise last night at the hands of an excited nearly-two cavegirl. (Another insight that is helping the mom-stress: The "Happiest Toddler" guy says toddlers are cavemen and I'm all over that metaphor.) Because I don't trust myself to fly sans feather I need to go dig through my jewelry pile and grab a new bracelet or throw one together.

So in my newfound Nowness I have found that Molly is absofuckinglutely adorable between the little mini-tantrums. I have laughed a lot with her this week. In other elephant news, we saw Horton Hears a Who, and it was fabulous. She had fun and was "easy" that day. We took a three year old sorta-niece too, and they were very BFF. This means there are two kids that she will play with relatively drama-free. Awesome development.

The time is night to start preparing myself for the next hell-week in 14 or so days. Experiments have shown that the Bird does indeed break down into an insane clinger monkey monster of shrill evil stress the same week that I am my worst self. I can't find much to support my theory that my menstrual pheromone signature summons a demon from her soul, but it's a definitely observable pattern. I'm hoping that knowing it's coming will help- it does a little with my own PMS. I bought some calcium/magnesium pills that were recommended, and it may be wise to stock up on Fenugreek so the milk crash is alleviated. I'm also planning to start a regular, small New Moon ritual at my place, inviting my EarthWays people and any other friends who are interested.

So my new meltdown free family strategy is this:
  • Happiest Toddler DVD on the way

  • New Be Here Bracelet

  • Small steps are my friend, big steps are made of small ones

Also, I'm riding high on the squee of meeting a little weight loss goal this week.

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