Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sleep Article Reaction: Hear Mama Bear Growl

Hmm. My husband just linked me to this Time/CNN article about "how not to get your baby to sleep," in light of a bad night. (The Bird woke at 2:00 a.m., demanded/announced, "Up!" and was awake until 3:30.)

I predict Hathor will have a field day with this... I read it knowing I was going to ignore it or possibly rankle at it: Bu said it cautions against co-sleeping. It does so with some sneaky faulty logic. There are studies that show that kids who don't get enough sleep overall in a 24 hour period have such and such problems. Then it says that co-sleeping can contribute to frequent waking and uses the previous study to show that co-sleeping is undesirable. However, the study didn't address continuous sleep versus sleep with wakings.

In the article's defense, I'm totally on board with the TV restrictions.

In crunchy parenting's defense, don't you fucking call mamas who sleep with their babies "maladaptive." Is the entire mammal class of animals maladaptive? I find that ridiculous.


thordora said...

I read that earlier-while some made sorta sense, and I'm the farthest thing from crunchy, the language was....poor at best. I wonder what the actual study looks like compared to the article....

Lexie said...

I think I'd better not read this article, because I'd probably be tempted to go pop a cap in someone's ASS.