Monday, February 2, 2009

This is why Woman invented the Mommyblog

Scene: Crowded suburban kitchen. Decor 1970s but dress is contemporary.

MAMA & POPS are in the kitchen teaming on pizza creation.

MOLLYBIRD: "Can I help?"
POPS: "Sure. Bring in the chair."

MOLLYBIRD drags/pushes a full-size adult chair into the tiny kitchen. MAMA & POPS finish the pizza and MAMA puts it in the oven. As they wait, MOLLYBIRD climbs onto chair and starts to sing and dance:
"Robot makin' pancakes on the roo-oof
Robot makin' pancakes on the roo-oof, yeah man!
Pop 'em in the o-ven for to-nigh-ight
Shake your booty behind your bu-utt
Shake your booty 'hind your bu-utt"

MAMA & POPS laugh until they nearly pee. MAMA suggests a synth-pop accompaniment, possibly trip-hop. MAMA & POPS continue to watch the concert, in spasms of laughter.


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Laura Without Labels said...

Yes. This is amazing. Best song evah!